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52A Hristo Smirnenski., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

5 min walking from Vasil Levski Metro station


+359 88 9246606 Amrita


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You are welcome to visit us and meet Vera Zaharieva, Hristo, Anta, Gabriela, Kremena, Kiril Kolarov, Borislav Nikolov, Gabi Petrova, Pepi, Krisi and Ewald Albert, Deva Bhadrena,


Vera is the head of Sport Club “Vyara”, the secretary of the Bulgarian Yoga Federation and has been a yoga teacher for fourteen years now. She began her practice under Daniel Petrov. Her Teachers have also been Veselin Luchanski, Vencislav Eftimov and Donka Genova. She completed a post-graduate degree in yoga at the National Sports Academy in 1996 and started teaching immediately. She has taken part in all sports demonstrations and competitions organized by the Bulgarian Yoga Federation. She was a seven-time national champion between 1996-2009 in various age groups and a six-time absolute champion between 1998-2009. She won a gold medal in the World Olympic Yoga Competition in Montevideo-Uruguay in 1999. Vera coaches a team of her yoga students as a regular at all national competitions. She teaches pre-natal and natal yoga, yoga for kids and, of course, to all other enthusiasts of classes in Hatha Yoga, Pranayam and Hot Yoga. Vera is happily married and has two sunny, beautiful girls. “For me yoga is a way of life, a way of thinking and perception of the world, a path to spiritual and physical perfection”.


"I am born in the Kustendil region. I graduated from the “G. Benkovski” National Military Air Force Academy with an engineering degree. I completed a NSA programme and became a certified yoga instructor in 1996. I am part of  the Managing Committee of the Bulgarian Yoga Federation since 2001. I was head of the BYF between 2005-2008 and at the moment I am a member of MC and head of the judge college. I have been a judge at all national competitions from their very foundation. I am also a winner of the bronze medal of the first national competition in Kustendil in 1996." He is actively teaching in many locations in Sofia and is loved and revered by his students.


Borislav Nikolov has been practicing Yoga since 1993 and teaching it since 2003. He received his yoga training in India, Rishikesh-Paramad Niketan Dham Ashram- Hatha yoga course, New Delhi-yoga course organized by the Indian Yoga Federation. He has attended many courses, seminars and trainings in different kinds of hatha yoga, vinyasa flow yoga (Shiva Rey, Tui Merigan), ashtanga vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, etc. Borislav graduated as a yoga instructor from the "Vassil Levski" National Sports Academy - Sofia and is the 2007 European champion.


     Yoga is like a diamond, with a lot of sides and reflections- simultaneously art and philosophy, hard practice and strict discipline, delight in existence and merging with the universe, oneness of individual soul and supreme soul. The practice of the ancient knowledge of Yoga helps us find our own being and remain connected with our real nature, Love.

     I started my individual practice with the teacher Darshan in Bulgaria, and I took part in Yoga classes in India, Goa with the experienced yoga master Vijay in 2008. I will be completing a 3-month course for yoga instructor under the guidance of Swami Sudhir, famous yoga teacher and founder of Famous Yoga Point, next year. This year [2010], I took part in an intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course in the Shiva Yoga Peeth School in Darmsala, India.


     My name is Antonyia. I have a bachelor degree (Biotechnology) from the UCTM-Sofia and a master degree (Fine Organic Synthesis) from LMI- Berlin.  I studied Yoga under the master Sudhir Pradhan both in Sofia and in the Himalaya mountains. I took intensive courses in Rishikesh, India, where I studied ashtanga, hatha yoga, bandha, mudra, kriya and yoga meditations under different Indian masters. I taught during my travelings in Rajastan and McLeod Gandj, Himalcal Paradesh. I also taught Meditation and Hatha Yoga at a Teacher Training Course in McLeod Gandj, where I was certified with a diploma by the Government of India. My course consists of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga and Shivananda Yoga classes, stress relief techniques, pranayama, bandha, mantra chanting and different meditation techniques - kriya yoga, dance meditations and yoga philosophy. My goal is to transfer the true essence of yoga in order to develop one's inner strength and to promote physical health, mental balance and spiritual benefit. 


Has been practicing martial arts for 40 years. Trainer of the national Judo team, head assistant at the National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski”. He is researching, practicing and teaching different kinds of Tzi Gun, Ba Gua and other internal Chinese styles. He has been taught by Stefan Hinkov and many masters from Japan, Korea and Russa. He takes part in many seminars in Bulgaria and around the world. Ewald is deeply interested and versed in astrology and The Book of Changes “I Dzin”


My name is Kremena Dimitrova Toteva.  My basic activities at the moment are focused on teaching and constant renewal of information on yoga. Currently, I am taking a course for yoga instructors which is held by the National Sports  Academy, with the Yoga Association procuring lecturers who are in constant exchange of information with ashrams and their Gurus in India. My basic occupation is a freelance artist and I express my talent on the canvas. I believe painting and yoga are my two vocations and I can genuinely attest to this, as talent manifests itself with or without a diploma.
In my classes I will teach Hatha Yoga with explanations of all asanas, pranayamas, relaxations and meditations. Meanwhile, the infоrmation about yoga for our guests will be continually updated with interesting techniques and practices to work on the chacras with. The goal will be the achievement of oneness of body, spirit and practical of inside and outside. Some classes will introduce mantra chanting and kirtans. 


     My name is  Gabriela Danailova Petrova and I am born on November 27, 1986. I have been practicing yoga following the path of Swami Satyananda for 7 years now. I took part in many seminars in Yoga and other spiritual practices. I visited India for the first time in 2007 and had the chance to encounter the direct heirs of this ancient but constantly developing science of yoga, which changes my life every day. My affection and sympathy for children and my desire to aid them in preserving their innocence while revealing and developing their potential inspired me to seek more intensely forms and methods for making this happen. Thus, I naturally came upon yoga, which offers many ways for the development of personality as one indivisible creative whole. I have been applying this knowledge in classes for children ages 4-18 this past year.


I have been into sports since I was a child. I met my first Pilates instructor, who was in love with the method and passed this love to me, in 2003. This sport has been my life ever since, to put it in plain words. I have been an instructor for 7 years now and still urge my girls to feel that same passion. An hour of training per day supplies with an enormous quantity of positive energy, people can rest after a busy working daily routine, look good and what is most important, meet every new day with a broader smile. And what can be better than this?  I recently became a mother, I was training till the last day before the big event and this contributed to me feeling in perfect condition throughout my pregnancy.  I continued training after birth, as well. It is such a good feeling to have recently given birth, to experience no pain, to look good and to meet every beautiful day near my little treasure with calmness and smile.  And I am sure for myself that I owe all of this to PILATES.


I am an ordinary person having a lot of pieces of paper (diplomas for master degree in Organizational Psychology, instructor of group dynamic training, internationally certified teacher of laughter yoga) insisting that I am something else. I try not to take anything seriously and that’s why I laugh… a lot… at everything... Can you imagine laughing for no reason- just like that… I also cannot imagine it, this is why I do it. Laughter Yoga or hasya yoga is a synchronization between the exercise of laughter and the yoga exercise for breathing. All of us know how good we feel after we have had a good laugh, but as Dr. Madan Kataria (the creator of laughter yoga) says, in order to have its maximum effect, the laughter should continue for at least 10-15 minutes, followed by relaxation. Come and laugh away.


Founder and proprietor of MAGAYA Center for Yoga and Practices.

"I have been practicing yoga on my own and reading self-help books and related literature since 2003.  I started gathering experience and knowledge from different teachers in Bulgaria and throughout the world in 2007.  I have studied predominantly under Vera Zaharieva.  I completed a three-month instructors course with Swami Sudhir Someshvar Giri in 2009.  I have attended numerous and various seminars in Bulgaria and throughout the world.  I have been teaching Hatha Yoga with Ashtanga elements since the summer of 2010.  My classes are appropriate for beginners and intermediates.  Some pranayama and bandhi shall be practiced, as well."


MUSIC is my own meditation.  That magic which makes me enjoy the small wonders and return to myself and that sense of being part of the whole, on a daily basis. Years of apprehension of different schools and experimentations with sound - I discover depth and a wondrous endlessness.  Let us allow sound to inspire and heal us.  Let us transcend nirvana. OMMM

Conscious Singing

Discover beauty in the sound you undoubtedly possess.  Relax.  Submerge in your self.  Meditate.  Learn more about this wonderful instrument you have within yourself and about the energy models you create with every new moment passed.  Let us become a conscious beautiful sound of joy and nirvana TOGETHER.  

Vedic Music

Acquaintance with and rendition of "Mantrana" (sanskrit, meaning "Advice" and "Suggestion").  Return to the energy hidden in these mystic sound models.  And the joy from them per every situation and occasion.  By developing Vishuddha, our fifth chakra, we will aid the tuning of our fine body and transform communication into art, so as it, too, shall become our meditation.


Aurvedic massage, learned in the studio of teachers from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is good to use vegetable oils for the massage - sesame, extra virgin olive, coconut and apricot oils, and also aurvedic powder, which helps the oil to penetrate deeper and render its beneficial effect unto the body for a longer period of time.

One massage (entire body, scalp and face) continues 90 min.  Upon request, aurvedic skills may be applied locally (i.e head, back, face, etc.), as well.  


Practices yoga for many years now.  First on her own, later under the guidance of yoga teachers.  She happens upon a kundalini yoga course in 2004.  She has been a kundalini yoga instructor accredited by the French Tantra-Kundalini Yoga federation since 2008.  He receives initiation and a spiritual name from Anand Sharabi, founder of the French federation and a pupil of Yogi Bhajan, in 2010.

Energy balancing and cleaning of energy centres, emotional liberation, release from past traumas and from stress - as well as individual consultation on how to maintain your energy and a balanced psycho-emotional state.

Deva Bhadrena entered the path of meditation in 1995 with chi gong and tai chi chuan meditation practices. In 1997 she started her training and later on got certified as a therapist in expressive group psychotherapies. She has been trained in different methods, including psychodrama, gestaldt, systems approach and family constellations, reiki and shamanic energy healing. In 2005 she was introduced to Osho Shamanic Healing and since then her healing practice has been connected closely with this method. The method she practices is based on meditation and love: each of us has their own unique way through life; love is the basis of our existence and of healing, and growth is most efficient following the path of meditation.

The healing happens in a spirit of support and acceptance, where confidentiality is guaranteed, at a secure and tranquil space and pace.

1. Mind-body therapy (1,5-2 hours)

2. Consultation (50 min)

contact at: deva.bhadrena@gmail.com

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